Fans Think Charlie Cox Just Gave Away His Involvement In Spider-Man: No Way Home

Charlie Cox was initially supposed to be part of a panel for the upcoming Celebrity Fan Fest set to take place on August 7 and 8. However, the organization’s Twitter page recently announced that he’s had to drop out of the event due to a scheduling conflict, specifically from “last-minute filming schedule changes.” It could be anything, but Marvel fans will take any evidence they can get as proof that Daredevil will make his way into “Spider-Man: No Way Home.” No one’s a better investigator than comic book fans on a mission, and a Reddit thread has shown that, coincidentally enough, “No Way Home” reshoots have begun to occur.

Reshoots are common with big-budget properties, so learning about them now for “No Way Home” isn’t a big deal. What’s intriguing is that Cox now has a last-minute production he has to attend, preventing him from going to Celebrity Fan Fest. Granted, none of the behind-the-scenes pictures from the “No Way Home” reshoots show Cox on-set, so it’s all just speculation at the moment. Then again, Cox could make his way to another Marvel project. 

Other Redditors mention how “She-Hulk” is currently in production, and other rumors have circulated about Matt Murdock appearing in that series, too. The rumors are based on the fact that She-Hulk’s alter-ego, Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany), is a lawyer, the same profession held by Murdock. It would make sense for the two to bump into one another at some point, even if it’s just speaking to one another briefly in a courtroom. Therefore, the “last-minute filming schedule change” could be for him to make a cameo in “She-Hulk.” For the time being, these are all just rumors, and we likely won’t know anything firmly until both “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “She-Hulk” come out. 

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