How Úrsula Corberó Became The Baroness In Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

The origin of G.I. Joe, obviously, began in the U.S. with the Hasbro toys, and then we got the comics, and the animated series, but it really has become a worldwide phenomenon. I’m wondering, growing up in Barcelona, at what point did the “G.I. Joe” enter your consciousness — or the Baroness, for that matter?

Well, a lot of people here in Spain are very familiar with the “G.I. Joe” movement, but I wasn’t, not until they called me to play the Baroness.

You had to do a lot of homework, I would imagine. It’s been such a major character since her date in 1982, and with that popularity comes a huge set of expectations. The fans love her villainy. Did the fan expectations weigh on your mind when you were doing the role because it’s such a huge character, or does the fact that you didn’t know the character free you in a way to do the role?

Maybe, right? Yes, I think so. Yes. I was doing my thing. I had a lot of these huge conversations with Robert, the director, and we were talking a lot about the Baroness and her power, and her sense of humor, which we thought it would be very important to keep that part because she’s the villain, and she’s allowed to do anything, and that’s the funniest part. So, it was very funny … I enjoyed it.

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