The Original Space Jam Director Has Some Incredibly Harsh Words For The Sequel

Pytka told TMZ that it took him five tries to get through “Space Jam: A New Legacy” because it was “so boring,” adding that the film was “an uninteresting mess.” And once he finished “A New Legacy,” he was not complimentary about it.

While he again complimented LeBron James’ athletic prowess and acting talent, he declared, “the truth is that LeBron ain’t Michael.” According to TMZ, he noted that the movie failed to make a personal connection between its story and actual events in James’ life. The original “Space Jam” addresses Jordan’s real issues with transitioning from a basketball to a baseball career. While complimenting the talents of the supporting cast of the original production, Pytka said that he couldn’t remember a single memorable thing that the supporting cast in “A New Legacy” did. 

Pytka called the soundtrack of the new film “insignificant.” He proceeded to deride the new, CGI-style animation the film used, saying that Bugs Bunny “looked like one of those fluffy dolls you buy at an airport gift shop to bring your kid when your business trip has taken too long.” He also referred to the legendary rabbit’s role in the film as “heartbreaking,” while mentioning that there’s no connection between the Looney Tunes character’s previous depictions in other productions and his behavior in “A New Legacy,” something he says they were careful to do for the original “Space Jam.” He allegedly closed his comments to TMZ by saying that he thinks the film “sucks.” 

Some very strong words for a very strong box office performer.

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