This Is One Of Steven Van Zandt’s Biggest Regrets

The activist helped bring an end to the politically and socially racist system of white minority rule in South Africa. “We did take years off the life of the South African government,” he told Rolling Stone, “but is that worth losing all my friends, all my power base, all my juice, all my celebrity capital, to save a few lives?” His answer? “It was.”

But he questions that fateful decision in leaving the band and says his life would have turned out differently had he made a different choice. He says he looks back and wonders if he could have done what he and still stayed with the band. “I would have had the perfect life,” he explained.

Some could argue that he actually does now. He’s been married to his wife Maureen Van Zandt for more than 38 years (via IMDb). In 1999, he was offered the life-changing role of Silvio Dante in the hugely successful HBO mafia hit “The Sopranos,” which is still very popular today. He still has his solo group Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul. He runs his own record label called Wicked Cool and produces his Underground Garage radio channel on SiriusXM (via Billboard), not to mention numerous other ventures and awards to his name. Oh, and he still tours with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band every few years when Bruce calls.

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