The DCEU Has Finally Found Its Batgirl

In the upcoming “Batgirl” film, Leslie Grace will portray the Barbara Gordon version of Batgirl. As noted by Deadline, when Batgirl debuted in 1961, she was known as Betty Kane, but the character has been much further developed as the daughter of one of Batman’s closest allies, Commissioner Gordon.

The casting of Grace in “Batgirl” is a significant step forward for the project. DC enthusiasts have been speculating as to who will take on the role ever since a piece of fan art imagined Karen Gillan would look like playing the part in early 2020. While the film is probably still quite a ways out, Variety explained that with the lead role filled, shooting is expected to begin in November 2021.

When the film is finally ready for an audience, fans will have only one place where they can see it — HBO Max. Per Deadline, this project is the first DC Universe film that will be exclusive to the streaming service, which has recently hosted split simultaneous streaming premieres alongside traditional theater debuts for films such as “Wonder Woman 1984.”

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