David Dastmalchian Reveals His Favorite Scene In The Suicide Squad

Although it seems like David Dastmalchian’s Polka-Dot Man is filled with angst about his role on Task Force X, the star explained that Abner Krill will have emotionally vulnerable conversations with his villainous comrades during the Corto Maltese mission when they’re “wandering through the jungle.” The actor revealed that the scene is “one of the hardest moments of the entire film for me” because he’s “talking about why my character is who he is.” But because this is Polka-Dot Man’s moment, his teammates are off-camera to keep the focus on Abner Krill.

Dastmalchian pointed out that some actors don’t stay on set for scenes where their characters aren’t on-camera, but that wasn’t the case with “The Suicide Squad.” He explained that they all stuck around, “giving me everything that I could ask for with each of their characters.” Unfortunately, the star couldn’t quite get into the emotional conversation as he was still “kind of lost.” 

Thankfully, Gunn offered some help. “James came down and put his arm around me, and gave me some direction,” Dastmalchian revealed, explaining why the scene quickly became the actor’s favorite moment in the film. “We are on this incredible studio stage, a giant jungle set, all of these incredible actors, and yet it was still about the intimate relationship between these people.”

Clearly, it meant a lot to the star that the actors and the director had “the willingness to come down and take a moment to just breathe with me and let me connect,” according to Dastmalchian. For a brutal movie about murderous supervillains and a giant kaiju-sized alien starfish, that’s quite wholesome, isn’t it?

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