The Tragic Real-Life Story Of Joey Jordison

Before 2008, Joey Jordison made public comments about the frequent drinking and drug use in Slipknot, just like the other members, but was also private about any personal struggles with addiction. Though the drummer did sometimes drop hints about his negative view on drugs, as in his interview with Revolver when he said, “I don’t like to condone any drug use, whatsoever.” However, Jordison publicly admitted to having a drug problem after he could see that he was hurting his family and was desperate to change that.

Jordison recalled that his sister, Annie, was desperately trying to help him during his weeks-long coke binge and he said, “I didn’t answer my door, the lights were off, and I was just f****** ragingly pissed off all the time. So, she sent me a picture of my nephew. He was trying to play drums and he was wearing one of my old masks. And so, I called her, and she put him on the phone, and he said, ‘I love you, Uncle Joey.'”

The moment struck him to the core, so Jordison said, “I realized I was basically f****** dying. It took that to make me realize what was really important in my life and that I’d done a lot of mean things to people.”

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