The Truth About The ‘Most Haunted House In England’

In that same book, Mayerling said that there was one incident that even he could never explain. On Easter in 1935, the famous Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw, Sir Montagu Norman (Governor of the Bank of England), Bernard Spilsbury (criminal forensic scientist), and Marianne Foyster, the pastor’s wife, attended a séance at Borley. Mayerling said the group sat in silence in a dimly lit cellar on the grounds at midnight, when all of a sudden, they heard bells in the kitchen (set up to detect any intruders) clanging loudly, all together. There was no one up there, and no way to fake such a thing.

“Norman jumped up and then there was a lightning strike of silver-blue light which appeared to implode from all walls and the ceiling of the cellars and then there was a dead silence,” Mayerling told The Guardian in 2000. “Shaw had been in the process of pushing a box of matches diagonally across the table and Norman was half off his chair in a turning position, but every member of the séance was struck with an instant paralysis which lasted about five seconds.” Mayerling said that he was temporarily blinded, but later regained sight in one eye, and Shaw and Norman refused to stay the night. “I can’t explain that occurrence and, to be honest, it still makes me feel rather shaken. The rest of the hauntings were, without exception, the most successful hoax of the age, but that still sets my spine tingling.” Sweet dreams!

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