The Unique Way Chadwick Boseman Recorded What If…?

During a recent press event for the upcoming Disney+ series, at which Looper was present, “What If…?” director Brian Andrews was full of praise for Chadwick Boseman and his performance in the show. While he noted that their collaboration was brief compared to his other work in the MCU, Andrews revealed that he fell in love with the actor very quickly.

According to Andrews, many voice actors simply read their lines and move on. However, Boseman tackled his scenes “like a play,” which only enhanced his performance. Andrews went on to say that they didn’t know what he was going through at the time regarding his health condition, nor could they tell because Boseman “brought it” and seemed excited to play the “What If…?” version of T’Challa.

For Boseman, one of the major draws of the role was getting to play the “king without the mantel” as it allowed him to showcase his humorous chops. The director concluded by saying that they’re “blessed” to have him in the show and he thinks he did an “amazing job.”

“What If…?” will debut on Disney+ on August 11.

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