This Look At The Amazon Blumhouse Movie Bingo Hell Is Totally Wild

In the same manner as the first four films in “Welcome to Blumhouse” were released on Amazon Prime in 2020, the final four of the anthology will be released in two double feature blocks separated by a week. “Bingo Hell” and “Black as Night” will premiere on October 1, while “Madres” and “The Manor” will follow on October 8, per Bloody Disgusting.

The “Welcome to Blumhouse” films are connected by specific themes, such as the focus on elderly characters in “Bingo Hell” and “The Manor,” which fans also got a first look at recently, as well as by a commitment to diversity in the cast and crew. When the anthology was introduced, there was an emphasis on finding “female and emerging directors” to lead the projects, per Entertainment Weekly. As a part of that effort, “Bingo Hell” is directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero, a Mexican-Canadian filmmaker.

While fans will just have to see how “Bingo Hell” fares when it makes it to Amazon Prime on October 1, there’s no question that arriving under the Blumhouse name is a prestigious entry point. One of the first films the company produced was the groundbreaking “Paranormal Activity,” and the company has since helped bring to life equally important horror touchstones such as Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” and “The Purge.”

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