Did Jordan Todd Deserve A Bigger Character Arc In Criminal Minds?

Jordan Todd is introduced in Season 4, Episode 5, “Catching Out,” as the BAU’s replacement media liaison while J.J. is on maternity leave. Though she arrives with impressive credentials earned at the FBI’s counterterrorism division, Todd is very much the “new gal” attempting to fit in with the close-knit BAU family. Unlike J.J., who has a distinctly softer side, Todd is significantly more dominant and self-possessed, which has a tendency to rub her BAU colleagues the wrong way.

In one of her early cases, Todd creates a false personal narrative in order to compel a victim’s family to cooperate with the BAU’s investigation. Immediately after the interview, Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson) takes Todd to task, sternly telling her that the team doesn’t lie to get the job done. Initially, Todd pushes back on the reprimand. She unabashedly defends herself by pointing out that the tactic worked and the family is now cooperating. Not used to backtalk from his subordinates, Hotch reminds her that she works for the FBI, an organization that relies on public trust; if that public ever caught her in a lie, it would seriously damage the Bureau’s credibility.

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