Get A Sneak Peek At The SurrealEstate Season Finale

Throughout Season 1, the Roman Agency’s main goal has been to clear the mysterious Donovan House of spirits at the request of Megan Donovan (Tenille Reed), who desperately wants to move out but is unable to find a buyer for her haunted home. The final episode, entitled “The House Always Wins,” clearly focuses on this house, but it also brings back a figure from someone’s past.

In this exclusive clip, Roman agent Zooey L’Enfant (Savannah Basley) walks up to the house, unable to enter, when she’s suddenly surprised by a ghostly, terrifying face slammed against the door as if he’s being attacked. As it turns out, this face — who immediately warns Zooey to stay away from the house — belongs to Kyle, Zooey’s true love who died after a struggle with addiction. Zooey has discussed Kyle on the show before, but his appearance definitely indicates that the Season 1 finale of “SurrealEstate” has plenty of tricks up its sleeve.

The Season 1 finale of “SurrealEstate” will definitely contain plenty of spooks and scares when it airs on September 17 — so get ready to get to the bottom of the Donovan House’s mysteries.

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