The Emmys Speech That Had Twitter Talking For All The Wrong Reasons

Twitter users were talking up a storm throughout the man’s extended and verbose acceptance, expressing their exhaustion at Frank’s ruminations. For example, @Tracey_Writes said, “You’ve been cut off TWICE. You shouldn’t have taken so much time hugging half the audience before going on stage and WHAT IS THIS SPEECH!?! STOP TALKING!” 

This opinion was shared by @bringthemashup, who decried Frank’s “undeservedly rude attitude,” and wrote, “Shut up and show respect for your peers.” Meanwhile, @moscheniverse wondered, “Who does he think he is?” . “[It’s] the [Q]ueens [G]ambit, not Sopranos … TWO pages of speech to talk about nothing?”

Summing up the prevailing mood in the #Emmys2021 hashtag was @angely_cg, who said, “I think this speech made me hate The Queens Gambit.”

However, others disagreed with the popular sentiment. “Every winner should shush the playing you off music at the Emmys…Queens Gambit guy was giving a really sweet speech, good for him. Follow his lead, make the show go 2 hours over,” said @Jessifris. This was echoed by @lady_bronte, who wrote, “Scott Frank’s speech was so beautiful and such a perfect model of gratitude towards Anya [Taylor-Joy, the show’s lead].”

Needless to say, people had a lot of thoughts about this speech, but regardless, “The Queen’s Gambit” had a great night.

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