Fans Of The Mysterious Benedict Society Just Got The Best News Ever

In a video posted to the Disney+ Twitter account, “The Mysterious Benedict Society” star Tony Hale helped Disney make a “special announcement for all society members.” Hale addressed the camera while holding a card, saying, “Disney just sent me this riddle, and I get to share it with you guys.” From the card, he read a series of simple math-related clues. He feigned confusion, telling viewers, “Yeah, I’m going to need a lot more time with this,” rather than answer the confusing riddle. Of course, you don’t need to spend too much time on the word problem because no matter which numbers you pick, you wind up with the same answer: the number 2.

Disney closed the video out with a title card reading, “Season 2 confirmed.” While no further details regarding a release date or casting have been revealed, it’s a safe bet that fans will have to wait a bit for more news on the next season. Season 1 debuted on Disney+ in June 2021, which means “The Mysterious Benedict Society” will likely return for Season 2 sometime in 2022.

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