All The Light We Cannot See Release Date, Cast, And Plot

“All the Light We Cannot See” will take the story of the wildly successful novel written by Anthony Doerr and present it as a four-part limited series, according to THR.

The story begins when the two protagonists, Werner and Marie-Laure, are children. Marie-Laure’s journey starts in Paris, where she goes blind at an early age, while Werner’s fascination with fixing German radios helps him learn a skill that will eventually land him a position at an elite academy.

However, the backdrop for their adolescence is the breakout of World War 2, which sends Marie-Laure and her father to the French coastal town of Saint-Malo, where she soon becomes involved in the French Resistance. Meanwhile, Werner’s position at the academy and skills with radio repair make him a part of a unit dedicated to tracking members of the resistance across the continent.

Werner is eventually sent to Saint-Malo, where he discovers a unique connection to Marie-Laure as Allied forces begin to drive the German army out of France. Fans of the book and historical dramas in general will just have to wait until Netflix releases more details about their adaptation to see if the series lines up with the events, both tragic and hopeful, that occur in the novel.

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