How Carrie Fisher May Have Predicted Her Own Death

In 2017, a friend of Carrie Fisher revealed that she probably predicted her death more than a decade before she did. According to her close friend and English singer James Blunt, Fisher left an eerie art project at his door, reported Evening Standard. Specifically, Blunt was staying at Fisher’s house in 2004 while working on a musical project when she left something strange outside the door of the room he was staying in. The item in question was a cardboard cutout of her character Princess Leia with two dates on its forehead: Fisher’s date of birth and the date she apparently assumed she died. 

Blunt recalled that he couldn’t remember the exact date but did say it was around the time she did die.”[S]he put a cardboard cutout of herself as Leia outside my room, with her date of birth and date of death on her forehead. I’m trying to remember what the date was because it was around now — and I remember thinking it was too soon,” he said

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