How Ted Bundy’s Ashes Have An Eerie Connection To His Victims

But when it came to deciding what he wanted to happen to his own remains after he was put to death by the state of Florida, he wanted to go back to his roots — he asked that his ashes be scattered over the Cascade Mountains in Washington. However, Bundy didn’t just kill in Washington. He also grew up there. Though he was born in Burlington, Vermont, as a child he eventually moved to Tacoma, Washington with his mother and step-father, according to Biography. 

Later he would go to the University of Washington where he met the woman who would eventually break his heart. So when Bundy asked that his ashes be scattered somewhere over the Cascade Mountain range in Washington, it’s clear there were a lot of ties there for him — though it’s also plausible that more of his victims’ bodies than have been — or will ever be found — are somewhere in those mountains. 

According to Sarah Marshall, whose article “The Earthly Remains: Revisiting Ted Bundy” was published at The Order of the Good Death, “It is not so far-fetched to guess that there may be other, undiscovered bodies somewhere in the Washington Cascades — perhaps one, perhaps a dozen, perhaps all of them clustered in the undisclosed location where Bundy’s ashes were laid to rest.”

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