I Want You Back Release Date, Cast, And Plot

“I Want You Back” is a romantic comedy that centers around Emma (Slate) and Peter (Day), who find their lives upside down after being dumped by their significant others. 

Deadline provided the following synopsis: “In their thirties and terrified that they have missed their shot at happily ever after, Emma and Peter are horrified to learn that their partners have already moved on. With no prospects on the horizon and the threat of dying alone hanging over their heads, they hatch a desperate plan to put an end to their exes’ new relationships and win them back.”

“I immediately fell in love with Isaac and Elizabeth’s funny, heartfelt script and I am so honored that they, along with the amazing team at Amazon are allowing me to bring their timeless love story to life and that I get to do it with such an incredible group of actors,” director Jason Orley said.

This is purely speculative, of course, but is it possible that Emma and Pete will discover they have more in common than the goal of reuniting with their former loves? Amazon Prime Video subscribers will find out soon enough.

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