Lawyer confirms Brian Laundrie visited campsite with parents as Gabby Petito family vows justice

It’s been 10 days since Brian Laundrie disappeared on the same day he was made a person of interest in the missing person case of his girlfriend Gabby Petito, whose body was subsequently found later that evening.

og the Bounty Hunter, real name Duane Chapman, told police he’d uncovered a lead suggesting Mr Laundrie’s family went camping at the Fort DeSoto campgrounds in Pinellas County, Florida.

Police rejected the tip, saying there have been no reported sightings of anyone resembling Mr Laundrie in the area.

However, Steven Bertolino, the attorney representing Brian Laundrie’s family, confirmed on Tuesday that Mr Laundrie went on a camping trip with his parents after returning from his road trip. But the lawyer denied that his parents helped him go into hiding, insisting that all three Laundries came back from the campsite.

Records from the Pinellas County Parks department confirm that Mr Laundrie’s mother did check in to the Fort DeSoto campgrounds on 6 September and left on 8 September, three days before Petito was reported missing.

At a press conference, Ms Petito’s family said they would continue seeking justice for her and believed the FBI would find Mr Laundrie. They called on him to turn himself into law enforcement.

Gabby Petito’s family attorney, Richard Stafford, is sceptical that Brian Laundrie’s family would help the FBI in finding him.

Mr Stafford on Tuesday said that the Laundries didn’t help them find Petito when she was reported missing and that “they’re sure not going to help us find Brian.”

Addressing the media for the first time, Gabby Petito’s family yesterday urged the public to pay attention to other missing persons cases in the country.

Mr Stafford also asked the “person of interest” Brain Laundrie to turn himself in to the FBI.

Duane Chapman, popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter, said that he will not reveal any information pertaining to the Brian Laundrie search that might “jeopardise the case”.

Chapman also claimed that he had received more than 1,000 tips relating to “person of interest” Mr Laundrie’s whereabouts and that he has reason to believe Mr Laundrie is hiding in a campsite 75 miles from his parents’ house in North Port.

Rubbishing speculation that he has arranged to meet Mr Laundrie, Chapman on Tuesday said that “we are cooperating with law enforcement. We will not reveal information that will jeopardise the case.”

He clarified that he has “not talked to the Laundrie family and we have not arranged to meet Brian Laundrie.”

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