The Stunning Story Of The Woman Who Survived Three Ship Disasters

Despite the fact that RMS Olympic was extensively damaged, the ship made it back to the port safely. As reported by Museum Hack, all of the passengers and crew, including Violet Jessop, survived the incident.

RMS Olympic was repaired and eventually returned to service. Although the crash was frightening and may have prompted some of the crew to seek other employment, Jessop was determined to continue working aboard cruise ships. National Archives reports she served as a stewardess aboard Olympic until she had an opportunity to join the crew of the RMS Titanic in 1912.

Jessop was in bed sleeping when the Titanic struck an iceberg in the evening hours of April 14, 1912. However, she was awoken by the commotion and quickly made her way to the ship’s deck, where she was informed the ship was damaged in a collision and was beginning to sink.

As reported by the National Archives, Jessop assisted with the evacuation of numerous women and children. However, she was evacuated herself when she was given an infant who could not be left on its own. Jessop was assigned to lifeboat 16, where she remained until the following morning when she was rescued by members of Carpathia.

National Archives reports the sinking of the Titanic still did not deter her from working on cruise ships. Following the Titanic disaster, she returned to the Olympic, where she worked until 1914.

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