The Truth About The Haunting Belcher’s Sea Snake

What’s frightening about the Belcher’s Sea Snake venom is that it’s 100 times more venomous than most terrestrial snakes, according to Amazing.Zone. 

This venom is used both on defense and offense, and it’s injected into the snake’s victim through fangs in a saliva-like substance. If a human being were to be bitten by a Belcher’s Sea Snake, they’d only have about 30 minutes to live, and just a few milligrams of the nasty stuff could kill as many as 100 humans — look out! 

Those unfortunate enough to be bitten by a Belcher’s sea snake will likely feel nothing more than a faint prick. But soon muscle pain and weakness set in, followed by tongue swelling, convulsions, and death. That is, of course, unless you can get to the antidote in time — anywhere from between 20 minutes and 8 hours, so you’d better hurry. 

For these reasons, the Belcher’s Sea Snake is widely considered among the most venomous snakes on the planet!

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