This Theory Connects The Egyptian Pyramids To Alien Existence

So what do proponents of the alien-pyramid connection say is the purpose of the structures? If aliens built the pyramids, the question is: why? Well (deep breath): they’re batteries. That is, as the Daily Express overviews, the pyramids are giant electrical power sources. There’s water underneath, something-something-electromagnetism, and presto: the pyramids were power-charging stations for spacecraft. Or they’re “interdimensional” portals (second dimension here we come), as an “Ancient Aliens” excerpt on YouTube explains, because of something-something force field. Or, more abstractly (and believably), the pyramids were sites of initiation for a priestly class, not only tombs for pharaohs like Khufu of ancient Egypt’s fourth dynasty. Some folks travel to the pyramids to this day seeking such “spiritual transformation,” as NBC News cites. 

But again: How does such speculation lead to aliens? Just like the Orion Constellation Theory, it doesn’t. And yet, folks like Elon Musk have apparently jumped on board the ancient alien astronaut theory, as evidenced by a (perhaps facetious) 2020 tweet. Interestingly, Egyptian Minister of International Cooperation Rania A. Al Mashat sent a polite reply

Of course, there’s an allure to the pyramids that begs for explanation. The grandeur, the scope, the evidence of devotion and labor. Many of us couldn’t be bothered to make avocado toast at lunch. What’s truly awe-inspiring is what beliefs and powers drove our forbears to follow through on such a seeming-impossible project. Giving credit to aliens is something of an insult, to say the least.

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