What If…? Production Designer Paul Lasaine Reveals How The Show Almost Looked Very Different

On whether or not any of the final designs of any of the Marvel characters in “What If…?” surprised him, Paul Lasaine said, “To be honest? No, we were able to hit what we tried to hit. I mean, there’s a little technical thing. Okay, here’s the one thing that didn’t happen the way we wanted and ended up breeding its own new thing.”

He continued, “We were originally going to try to do the entire show completely, traditionally 2D animation — hand-drawn characters, everything basically with a pencil, old school. That didn’t pan out. And the reason for that was we had trouble finding enough animators that are able to do human, realistic animation in the U.S.” Lasaine added, “There are a few left, but honestly, since the advent of CG animation, that’s literally a dying breed. And most of the good ones are all directors now, and they’re not animating because they’re out there directing.” 

Who knew it was that hard to do 2D animation in the U.S.?

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