Free! The Final Stroke Part 2 Release Date, Characters, And Plot

The world has known about “Free! The Final Stroke” for a good while now. According to Anime News Network, Kyoto Animation revealed the two-part film project along with specific release dates back in April. Unlike many other anime (and media in general), there was no secret as to when “The Final Stroke part 2” would debut. The release date has always been set for April 22, 2022.

Before you jump up and down for joy, however, there are some caveats to this release date. While it is exciting that the final entry in the “Free!” saga is coming in less than a year, that excitement is dampened knowing that April 22 is only the theatrical release date in Japan. Additionally, the fact that part 1 of the “Final Stroke” released September 17 with no immediate localization efforts pretty much ensures that Western fans of “Free!” will have to wait to see how this landmark sports anime comes to a conclusion.

Unfortunately, Kyoto Animation hasn’t revealed when “The Final Stroke” might cross the Pacific to reach the rest of the wider world. However, it is likely to occur sometime within a year after the films come out. That being said, anime fans have never been especially patient when it comes to these things, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the films appeared (illegally, of course) somewhere on the internet long before an official Western release.

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