Here’s What Would Happen If Britain Got Rid Of Their Monarchy

Whatever you may think about all the other British royals, one insurmountable fact remains: nobody likes Charles. Well, the Queen might, and maybe Camilla, but the entire rest of the nation thinks he’s a whiny little girl dog. Charles has really not done much to earn the respect of the British people — he was outright cruel to the mother of his children, he famously went to the opera while his 8-year-old son was in surgery, and he is also a prat and a twit, according to various British tabloids.

The queen, on the other hand, still enjoys immense popularity — according to Newsweek, she has a 68% approval rate, which even beats Ronald Reagan’s famously high 63%. Charles, on the other hand, is so deeply unpopular that more than half his people would prefer to see the succession just skip him entirely and go straight to his son William.

Most people think the big push to abolish the monarchy will come after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, and before Charles is officially crowned. The royal family, naturally, is prepared for this and rumor has it they’ll make sure Charles is crowned before the Republicans make too much noise. In Britain, by the way, the Republicans are the folks who want a republic – that is, a system of government where everyone is elected, including the head of state. Does Charles have anything to worry about? Probably not. But you know it totally bugs him.

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