How A Sunken Ship Led To Ed And Lorraine Warren’s Marriage

After Ronald DeFeo, Jr. murdered six members of his family in late 1974, the family home went on the market at a severely reduced price, according to The Amityville Murders. This prompted the Lutz family to purchase and move into the home in Amityville in December of 1975. They barely made it a month before fleeing the house in terror.

The claims the Lutz family made about the home are varied and horrifying. But they’re also the subject of a lot of skepticism. Nonetheless, after hearing word that a family was driven from their home by demonic forces, the Warrens sprung into action. Two months after the Lutz family vacated the Amityville house, the Warrens opened an active investigation into it. 

The Warrens conducted a series of seances, as well as utilized Lorraine’s psychic abilities to conclude that there were evil forces at work in the Amityville home. According to “The Demonologist,” the Warrens were already known in professional circles as authorities on hauntings and possessions. But their work in Amityville set them on the course to make the Warrens household names.

Until Ed’s death in 2006, the Warrens traveled the country on the lecture circuit at universities, where they would discuss their casework and answer questions about their roles as paranormal investigators. They wrote several books about their many encounters with the supernatural, claiming to have helped hundreds of people in the process. 

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