This Is The Best And The Worst Path You Can Choose In Netflix’s Escape The Undertaker

Much like any good choose-your-own-adventure film should, “Escape The Undertaker” gives you every chance you need to get the other endings — or wrap things up with the perfect ending. The best possible path would first require you to get one item while Big E and Xavier Woods are exploring The Undertaker’s library. That item is a vial filled with a mysterious liquid, and Big E finds himself torn on whether he should grab the vial or leave it alone, given that it might be one of the many traps that ‘Taker has left lying around his mansion. 

When choosing which New Day member to follow as they come face-to-face with their respective phobias, you can pick any one of them, but in any event, you should not give in to temptation and accept The Undertaker’s offer to join forces with him in exchange for freedom. Likewise, it won’t matter whether you want BIg E, Xavier, or Kofi Kingston to charge at the Deadman during the final battle — everything will play out almost the exact same way until you’re given the choice to take the urn or destroy it. Choose the latter option and Big E will consume the contents of the “power vial,” giving him the superhuman strength needed to smash the urn and seemingly vanquish The Undertaker.

After The Undertaker disappears, you’ll see The New Day outside his mansion, escaping via a casket and celebrating their victory as they make their way home. You can choose “Face Your Fears” to explore other endings or select “Rest in Peace” to move on to the final scene, where Undertaker can be seen clapping his hands, applauding The New Day (and you, the viewer) for a job well done.

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