Lions play with pumpkins ahead of safari park’s Halloween adventure launch

A pride of lions were given pumpkins to play with to mark the launch of a new festive-themed adventure programme at a safari park.

he eight feline friends at Blair Drummond Safari Park – Karis, Libby, Reid, Murray, Isla, Thistle, Hope and Faith – were also spotted pawing at a bale of hay decorated as a pumpkin.

The park is putting on a range of Halloween activities for visitors from October 8 to 31.

The programme includes trips to a pumpkin patch, a display of giant spider-themed hay bales and fire pits for toasting marshmallows.


The pride were also seen pawing at a giant pumpkin-themed hay bale ahead of the park’s Halloween festivities which begin on Friday (Andrew Milligan/PA)

Liz Gunn, head of marketing at Blair Drummond, said: “It was great getting into the festive spirit at the lion enclosure before our Halloween adventure programme starts on Friday.

“The lions were really enjoying playing with the pumpkins. They also loved pulling at the straw from the giant pumpkin-themed hay bale that we put in the enclosure for them.

“One of our keepers Lorna Mitchell carved beautiful lion shapes into the pumpkins, but I don’t think the pride appreciated them as much as we did.”


Keeper Lorna Mitchell holds a pumpkin with a lion carving on it for the park’s pride of eight felines (Andrew Milligan/PA)

She added: “We are really looking forward to welcoming visitors to this programme.

“There’s all sorts to see from giant Halloween-themed hay bales to fire pits to pumpkin patches.”

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