Mike Flanagan Reacts To These Readful Things Midnight Mass Action Figures

For anyone not familiar with Readful Things, the page is run by artist Adam Perocchi who creates custom action figures for specific characters in fan-favorite films and TV shows in a classic, simple style. And with the growing popularity of “Midnight Mass,” the artist quickly made figures of the sinister Father Paul as well as Crockett Island’s Sheriff, Omar Hassan (Rahul Kohli). He also created a third figure which is absolutely hilarious, but it spoils the fate of one character in the series.

Fans raved about the figures so much that they caught the attention of “Midnight Mass” creator, Mike Flanagan. He tweeted “OMG I’m dying” in response to the figures, clearly seeing the funny side of the final figure… which is meant to be Riley Flynn after he burns to ash in the sunlight in front of Erin Greene (Kate Siegel) on the boat in Episode 5, “Book V: Gospels.” It’s dark, but incredibly funny. It’s only made funnier by the packaging, which shows Erin screaming as Riley dies in front of her. Oh dear.

We highly recommend taking a look at Readful Things’ Instagram page, which shows off all the other figures that the artist has made — including characters from “Hereditary,” “The Shawshank Redemption,” and “The Green Knight.”

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