Where Elvis Presley Is Actually Buried

For the remainder of this article, it will be assumed that Elvis Presley really did die from heart complications in 1977 (per Britannica) and we will ignore the conspiracy theory that claims he is still alive (or at the very least, that he lived well past 1977).

As Time reports, Elvis was initially buried (or more accurately, entombed) alongside his mother, Gladys, in a mausoleum at a Memphis cemetery. Unfortunately, that didn’t “take,” as the site became a tourist attraction for all the wrong reasons, and soon enough, sightseers and souvenir collectors were destroying the place. The remains of mother and son were then moved to a more secure final resting place — specifically, the grounds of Graceland, Elvis’ beloved Memphis home. There, the thousands of tourists who stop by per year can pay their respects to the King while under the watchful eye of security guards. According to the attraction’s website, about half a million people per year visit Graceland.

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