Is Biggie Smalls Buried Anywhere?

Since both men were at the center of the East Coast versus West Coast rap feud, it left a concerning and controversial conversation about violence and rap music (via Biography). There have even been multiple documentaries and TV series investigating both murders, via IMDb. But to date, neither rapper’s murderer has ever been caught and they remain hip-hop’s most famous unsolved murders.

Biggie Smalls’ funeral service took place almost two weeks after his death and was well-attended by dozens of celebrities. Many of his fellow labelmates at Bad Boy records, such as Lil’ Kim and Mary J. Blige, were in attendance at the May 19 service. His body had returned to New York, and did one final drive to the Clinton Hill neighborhood where he grew up, said New York Daily News. A large procession followed, with fans playing his music. When the events were over, the hearse did not make its way to a cemetery for burial. Instead, his hearse went to Fresh Pond Crematory in Queens, New York (via Qns) where the rapper’s body was cremated. His ashes were then given to his family, and have been divided among them (RTT News).

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