The Most Frustrating Part Of Halloween Kills For Jamie Lee Curtis

To promote the October 15, 2021 arrival of “Halloween Kills,” the cast and crew attended a press roundtable, at which Looper was present. During the event, Jamie Lee Curtis touched on her experience throughout the filming process, mentioning that she found the hospital gown Laurie Strode wears for much of the runtime to be a bit of a hindrance. Not to mention, she had to greatly restrain herself as well and dial back the badassery Strode boasted in the previous film.

As seen in “Halloween,” Strode has failed to move on from her initial confrontations with Michael Myers all these years later. She’s struggling with alcoholism and has become detached from her family, even pushing away her only daughter, Karen (Judy Greer). Nevertheless, when Myers reemerges and continues his path of destruction, she gets her act together and faces her old foe head-on, going as far as burning down a building with him inside top hopefully kill him once and for all. Naturally, he survives and is on the hunt in “Halloween Kills” yet again.

The latest “Halloween” gave us a brand new Laurie Strode, one that stared her demon in the face and bravely took it to its limit. In that sense, it’s somewhat disheartening to learn she’ll be a bit less bold in “Halloween Kills” — a sentiment that Jamie Lee Curtis appears to share.

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