Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer Has Found The Perfect Lead

Per The Hollywood Reporter, the lead in “Oppenheimer” has been announced — Cillian Murphy will take on the role of the father of the atomic bomb.

Murphy has worked with Nolan before, beginning with 2005’s “Batman Begins,” in which he portrayed Dr. Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow. He then reprised the role for the two sequels, 2008’s “The Dark Knight” and 2012’s “The Dark Knight Rises.” He also acted in 2010’s “Inception” and 2017’s “Dunkirk.” The upcoming “Oppenheimer” will be Murphy’s first time as the lead in a Nolan film. Outside of his frequent collaborations with Nolan, Murphy has most recently starred in John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place Part II” and the period drama series “Peaky Blinders,” which wrapped up its run in 2019.

According to THR, “Oppenheimer” is set to begin production in early 2022, shooting on IMAX 65mm and 65mm large-format film. The film is slated to premiere on July 21, 2023.

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