Disturbing Details Found In Brittany Murphy’s Autopsy Report

According to Yahoo, the Los Angeles County coroner later found Brittney Murphy’s death to be the result of pneumonia, anemia, and a drug overdose from both prescription and over-the-counter medication; no illegal drugs were found in her system. On the day she died, she had taken an anti-seizure medication, an anti-depressant, an inflammatory drug, beta-blockers, and something for her menstrual pain (via Biography). It was also concluded that her menstrual cycle had caused the onset of anemia, weakening her body even more while she was ill.

In other words, Murphy’s death was completely accidental. On the days leading up to her demise, she had trouble breathing, her lungs were filling with liquid, and her lips were turning blue. The coroner concluded that if Murphy had gone to the doctor, her death could have been prevented. But it was said that Murphy and Simon Monjack had become increasingly paranoid of the paparazzi and did not seek medical attention for fear of inciting media attention.

Shockingly, Monjack died five months later, on May 23, 2010, in the same bedroom as Murphy (via HITC). Per All That’s Interesting, his death was eerily similar to his wife’s, as he also died from pneumonia and anemia. Unsurprisingly, their near-identical deaths led to even more questions. Several theories have arisen about the cause of their deaths, including toxic mold and murder. Murphy’s own father believed she was poisoned, although this has never been proven. Over a decade later, Murphy’s death remains unsettling, and her mother refuses to speak publicly about her daughter or her death (per Distractify).

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