Jason Statham’s Set Photo Has Instagram Wanting This Star To Get Cast In Expendables 4

After “The Expendables” star dropped the shot with Sly on set (say that two times fast), one reply in particular sent fans into a frenzy. With nothing but a “Yes” and a fire emoji, viewers had to double-take after seeing it belonged to an account named “officialdenzelwashington.” Could two-time Oscar-winner Denzel Washington be giving support for the upcoming chapter to “The Expendables?” Sadly not, as the account isn’t official and is fan made. Even so, that didn’t stop Instagram from losing their collective minds over the concept of one of the coolest men in Hollywood being enlisted by Stallone.

“Will you feature in the movie? Because that would be awesome,” said one fan. “You think The Equalizer would fit in well with The Expendables?” asked another. It’s certainly one worth considering that would raise the bar for “The Expendables 4.” Seeing Denzel rock up to meet Stallone and co. in another all-out action epic would be the stuff of dreams, particularly with his action experience in the likes of “Man on Fire” and “The Equalizer.”

Who knows? Perhaps the reaction from fans might lead to Stallone making a few calls in anticipation of the upcoming sequel. With a cast already comprised of OG Expendables, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and newcomers Andy Garcia, 50 Cent, Tony Jaa, and Megan Fox joining the ranks, there may still be room on this action-packed ride for Denzel Washington.

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