Over 15% Of AHS Fans Said This Was Their Favorite Season

In a poll of 633 fans, 17.38% chose “American Horror Story: 1984” as the best season of the FX anthology series. It makes sense as many fans loved the surprisingly happy, bittersweet ending after the despair of “Hotel” and “Murder House” as well as the very Eighties opening sequence. Co-creator Murphy even commented in an interview with Deadline that the ending got to him: “But I knew that was where we wanted to go to, that very ending. It’s the only American Horror Story ending that has made me cry. Something about that father-son thing always kills me.”

Second to “1984” in fans’ hearts was the fourth season, “Freak Show,” with 15.48% of the votes. “Apocalypse” then received 14.53%, while “Hotel” got 13.59% of votes. In fact, it was the seventh season, “Cult,” that received the least votes, with only 3.32% of those polled naming it the best of “American Horror Story.”

You can currently stream all ten seasons and decide for yourself on Hulu, thanks to the FX On Hulu deal.

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