The Reality Game Show Hoax That Sounds A Lot Like Squid Game

“Game2: Winter” was created by Yevgeny Pyatkovsky, a Russian entrepreneur from Novosibirsk, Siberia, Russia. According to Empty Lighthouse Magazine, Pyatkovsky is known for his app called “Anticollector,” which is used to block phone calls from debt collectors. Pyatkovsky created the app in 2014, collecting the numbers of over 6,000 debt collectors and storing them in a database. Users can also add to the database, and Pyatkovsky double-checks all new additions to make sure that “ordinary people are not affected.”

The Daily Star reports that this app came out in response to the debt collectors in Russia who frequently harass people and threaten them with violence. Notably, when a 69-year-old Russian pensioner fell behind on her credit card payments, she received phone calls that said, “If you don’t die by yourself, we’ll help you.” On January 27, 2015, the app briefly disappeared from Google Play “due to the violation of conditions of applications for Google or the terms of service for a particular product.” However, it was never specified exactly what conditions had been violated, and the application reappeared in the app store two days later.

Game2: Winter isn’t the first of Pyatkovsky’s strange ventures. In 2016, he opened a “kindergarten for adults” in Novosibirsk, where visitors can take classes, play games, and even get an hour of naptime. Russia Beyond writes that one day in kindergarten costs $48 per person, and some of the first visitors to the kindergarten were reportedly “management staff from several banks.”

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