The Reason Some Are Convinced Paul McCartney Is A Clone

According to the official website of London suburb St. Margarets, the man who allegedly became Macca was born William Campbell Shears in Shreveport, Louisiana, on September 16, 1940. However, the purported clone’s birth name and birthplace may vary depending on the source; per Musicoholics, he was a Canadian man named William Shears Campbell. Everything after that is pretty much similar — this guy supposedly won a Beatles lookalike contest organized in secret by manager Brian Epstein as a contingency plan in case one of the Fab Four died. And when McCartney was allegedly killed in a car crash on November 9, 1966, the Paul lookalike, who commonly went by the name Billy Shears, was dispatched to assume the singer-bassist’s identity. He then quickly learned how to speak like a native Liverpudlian despite being from North America.

Picking up a regional British accent was one thing, but what about the process of making this Billy Shears fellow look like a true Paul McCartney doppelganger? St. Margarets notes that all he needed was a little plastic surgery. And to further make it appear as if McCartney didn’t die in an automobile accident, this ersatz Macca eventually grew out his facial hair, with his Beatles bandmates following suit to keep the ruse going. (As the story goes.)

In the comments section of St. Margarets’ article, multiple users called cow dung on those theories, with one pointing out that plastic surgery was far from being advanced enough to make Campbell/Shears look almost exactly like McCartney. Another wrote that the scar from McCartney’s upper lip actually came from a moped accident he had in December 1965 — a fact that’s separately documented by reliable sources such as Beatles Bible.

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