This Is Where Jim Morrison Is Buried

On the morning of July 3, 1971, Courson found Morrison dead in the bathtub from a suspected heart attack brought on by a heroin overdose (via All That’s Interesting). Per The Guardian, French law did not require an autopsy and the cause of Morrison’s premature death is questioned to this day. According to Ultimate Classic Rock, four days after his death, Morrison was laid to rest at Père Lachaise, the largest cemetery in Paris.

Morrison’s funeral was short and only had a few people in attendance. News of his death was kept secret for those first few days so a French friend of the couple could secure a grave at Père Lachaise. Courson had his death certificate list his occupation as a poet. If Morrison’s true identity as a rock star from America came to light, he could have very well been denied a plot. Père Lachaise is an appropriate place for Morrison, who loved writing more than he loved performing. According to the Paris Discovery Guide, Oscar Wilde, Molière, and Chopin are all buried at Père Lachaise. Morrison’s grave, however, is said to be the most visited.

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