Britney Spears Plans On Deposing Dad Jamie Over Claims He Mismanaged Her Finances & Secretly Monitored Her For Years

Britney Spears is not messing around!

Following her legal win in removing Jamie Spears as her conservator, the 39-year-old doesn’t plan on letting her father get away scot-free after years of alleged abuse. According to, sources revealed that her lawyer Mathew Rosengart plans on requesting subpoenas to interview Jamie and Robin Greenhill about the alleged mismanaged funds and secret monitoring that were happening over the years. The insider said:

“Now that Matt’s had the big victory on Wednesday, he’s deposing Jamie Spears and looking into Tri Star and Robin Greenhill in particular. He will be subpoenaing and taking the deposition of Robin Greenhill. It will be coming up in approximately the next 30 days.”

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As we mentioned before, the attorney will question Greenhill about the claims made by former Black Box Security employee Alex Vlasov in the Controlling Britney Spears documentary in which he described how the company controlled her phone and installed a recording device in her bedroom. Additionally, he wants Jamie to address how Britney earned such a small wage despite having a super successful career:

“It would be into alleged financial mismanagement — $60million net worth is smaller than one might think it would be.”

That’s for sure — especially when you’re talking about a woman who has sold millions of records, had sold out tours, had a Las Vegas residency, and more! But after everything that has come out so far, it wouldn’t surprise us that Jamie took chunks of her salary. We mean, he did give himself a $2,000 monthly salary for an “unused ‘office’ space.”

We’ll have to keep you posted if Rosengart and Britney follow through!

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