Dave Navarro’s Favorite Tattoo Explained

According to Loudwire, Navarro participated in a 2004 episode of “America’s Most Wanted” and said that he was supposed to have been home with his mom the night she was killed but decided to stay at his dad’s. He credits that choice with saving his life. Riccardi was sentenced to death in 1994, per SF Gate, but that death sentence was overturned in 2012. Riccardi was instead sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. 

SF Gate reported that Riccardi denied being the killer, but his fingerprints were found at the scene and witnesses testified that he had been stalking Navarro’s mother. What’s more, Navarro said that a week before Constance and Sue were shot, Riccardi broke into their home and handcuffed Navarro at gunpoint but the teenager didn’t immediately report the incident to the police. A week later, his mom was dead and Navarro blamed himself, per SF Gate. To cope, he took the well-worn path of substance abuse. He long battled suicidal feelings and mental health issues.

Navarro has since turned his life around, working with the organization “MusiCares” to advocate for recovery, according to Inked. Of his tattoos, he told Loudwire he appreciates all of them regardless of if they are odes to an ex-wife or just poorly done. He said, “I feel like at some point your body becomes like a walking diary and you’ve got to live with it.”

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