Prometheus Star Noomi Rapace Reveals What It Was Really Like Working With Ridley Scott

Before Noomi Rapace was cast as Dr. Shaw, other actresses reportedly considered for the role included Carey Mulligan (per Deadline), Natalie Portman (Vulture), and even her castmate, Charlize Theron (who had to take a smaller role due to her involvement with “Mad Max: Fury Road,” per Entertainment Weekly). Landing the role against that formidable lineup might have put undue pressure on any actor, but Shaw says now that the strongest of her “amazing memories” about “Prometheus” a decade later is how her director treated her from the get-go. “From the very first meeting we had, he said, ‘Don’t change. Just be you. You have nothing to prove. I’ve chosen you. You don’t even need to audition.'”

Rapace says that Scott’s unwavering support during the grueling “Prometheus” shoot provided her with a perspective that she has carried forward ever since.

“He just took me on board and said, ‘I want you to be you, be faithful to yourself,'” Rapace explains. “That was something I had with me throughout that journey and everything I do, to not lose myself. And I feel like, even when we were shooting out in the most kind of brutal environment in Iceland on ‘Prometheus,’ and I’m like this little creature against nature — it was a tough shoot — I had his voice always echoing in me: ‘Just be you, be faithful to you. Don’t change.'”

While “Prometheus” was a solid if unspectacular success at the box office and with critics, Rapace has worked steadily ever since, with her latest film being the Icelandic horror fable “Lamb.” She still takes Scott’s advice to heart, a decade later: “That was a great source to always find strength and to not lose yourself.”

“Lamb” is out now in theatres.

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