Where Is Eileen Franklin’s Father, George, Today?

The Eileen Franklin story brought up a lot of discussion about repressed memory and its veracity. Eileen Franklin’s statements were supported by her doctors at the time, as it is in fact possible to bury a traumatic memory, per Medical News Today. With the support of her team and the prosecution, Eileen Franklin went on to be the main prosecution witness in her father’s murder trial.

But something was amiss in the case and it revealed itself several years into George Franklin’s life sentence. In 1995, a judge overturned his conviction, citing prosecutorial misconduct. Prosecutors had (wrongly) argued that George Franklin’s decision to remain silent when questioned about the case (essentially exercising his Fifth Amendment rights),was tantamount to a confession, per the National Registry of Exonerations. There was also a reexamination of why the judge in Franklin’s trial didn’t allow his defense lawyer to argue that Eileen’s knowledge of the crimes could’ve been based on news coverage of the case as opposed to true repressed memory. 

It all turned upside down when Eileen also pinned two additional murders on her father. DNA evidence in those cases matched to another suspect, immediately casting doubt on Eileen’s initial claims against George Franklin in the Nason case.

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