Who Inherited Nipsey Hussle’s Money After His Death?

Per Black Past, Hussle was shot outside of The Marathon Clothing store, allegedly as a result of an ongoing dispute with a gang member. He later died from his wounds at a Los Angeles hospital. At the time of his death, Hussle was in a relationship with actress Lauren London. They had a son, Kross in 2016. He was also a father to his daughter Emani (pictured above), from a previous relationship. Hussle’s estate was valued at over $4 million in 2020, according to TMZ. Most of his net worth came from high-priced personal items, his trademark portfolio, as well as his shares of companies, including The Marathon Clothing store. Hussle did not own any real estate.

His two children will each inherit 50% of their father’s estate (via The Jasmine Brand). Essence reports that this is expected to happen when they are of age (both are currently minors). London will control the finances belonging to their son, while Hussle’s family controls his daughter’s half (via Complex). His mother and siblings have physical custody of Emani, as they deemed her mother unfit to raise her. There’s no doubt that this amount could eventually increase as Hussle’s legacy continues to grow.

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