Fans Of Joe Pera Talks With You Just Got Great News About Season 3

While the Twitter reveal did not give away too many details about what fans could expect in the show’s next season, a press release did offer a few specifics. In a press release written by Joe Pera and shared by The A.V. Club, the comedian explains, “The first episode follows me as I help my friend Gene pick out his retirement chair at the furniture store and the season-long search for the perfect place to sit goes from there.”

While finding the optimal seating arrangement for his friend seems to be an overarching storyline for Season 3, Pera promised plenty of additional content to be included in individual episodes. He also noted that viewers would see attention paid to topics such as preparing food while camping, the usefulness of a second fridge, finding films that are appropriate for a classroom setting, and a discussion of drone warfare.

None of the information available hinted at how many episodes “Joe Pera Talks With You” Season 3 would run for. Season 1 consisted of nine episodes, while Season 2 had 13, so it would be reasonable to expect around a dozen to be produced for Season 3. Fans will get their first official look at the new season of “Joe Pera Talks With You” when it premiers on November 7 on Adult Swim.

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