Rev. Jesse Jackson Is Opening Up About His Battle With Covid 19

Rev. Jesse Jackson just opened up about his battle with Covid 19. Check out all the available details below.

The Shade Room said: ‘Civil rights icon #ReverendJesseJackson is doing much better after his battle with COVID-19! If you recall, he and his wife Jacqueline Jackson caught the virus in August. She was released in September, while Rev. Jackson was released two weeks ago after being in a rehabilitation facility, where he underwent therapy to treat his Parkinson’s disease.’

TSR cites Chicagosuntimes, and notes that ‘Rev. Jackson had a gathering to celebrate his 80th birthday. He opened up about his career and health, surrounded by pastors and leaders from around Chicago. At the celebration, Rev. Jackson, who was vaccinated, said the vaccine saved his life.’

‘I could not walk nor talk for three weeks,’ he said. ‘I went to rehab so I could learn how to walk or talk again. You need to know that, God, the shots matter.’

It’s also important to note the fact that he encouraged others in the Black community to get the vaccine.

‘Registration. Vaccination. Education,’ Jackson repeated. ‘We must get registered to vote, and we must get vaccinated.’

Someone said: ‘COVID is not a joke ….. three weeks of my life I would never forget & I will Always Give God the Glory for saving me.’

A follower posted this: ‘Lawd I thought this was going to be a different announcement when I saw his pic.’

A commenter posted this message: ‘Whether you believe in taking the shot or not.. one things clear, take precaution and seriously, take care! Every (in)action has a consequence.’

One fan said: ‘Something just never sits right with me when it’s comes to this dude.’

A fan said: ‘So the vaccine saved him? sounds like ANOTHER case of their vaccine not working to me,’ and one other followe rposted this: ‘So You Couldn’t Walk Or Talk For 3 Weeks & You Were Vaccinated? Tell Me Again Why I Should Get It ?’

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