The Real Reason This Bible Was Banned At Sam’s Club

The fourth book from Brendan Powell Smith’s “The Brick Testament” series — which depicts Bible tales illustrated with LEGO figures — received complaints about “mature content,” according to CNET. But the content that generated the remarks only appeared on the book’s website. “I have just been informed that Sam’s Club is pulling ‘The Brick Bible’ from the shelves of all of their retail locations nationwide due to the complaints of a handful of people that it is vulgar and violent,” Smith’s Facebook page reads. “This despite the book containing only straightforward illustrations of Bible stories using direct quotes from scripture.”

Smith sought not to dilute the Bible’s more racy content, even though the illustrated book targeted young children. “If it was in the Bible, my thinking was, it was worth illustrating,” he said to The Christian Post.  “That decision has meant, though, that not everyone considers ‘The Brick Testament’ appropriate for all children, since the Bible is chock full of graphic violence throughout and contains a few stories with sexual content.”

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