Check Out A New Teaser For Money Heist Season 5 Part 2

The first part of the trailer appears to be a response to that sacrifice and the other losses the team have suffered on the mission. It features a voiceover from the criminal mastermind the Professor (Álvaro Morte), who seems determined to get them out of the trap the army and the investigators have set for them. The subtitles translate his speech: “In the last few hours, I’ve lost people very dear to me. And I won’t let anyone else fall … because of this heist.”

From the looks of things, his crew doesn’t appear quite so resolute. He speaks these words over images of the gang looking distraught and defeated: heads in hands, tears in eyes, members hugging each other and sobbing. As audiences see the crew at their nadir, a cut-out featuring the words “The End,” slowly descends to dominate the frame. When he’s done speaking, the words change to promise that “The End Is Coming.”

That may be true, but if so, it seems like it will arrive with a bang. The rest of the short teaser features the team and their military adversaries brandishing large amounts of firepower or running into explosions. The footage ends with the Professor himself cocking a pistol. Everyone’s going to have to fight for their lives. 

The second volume of “Money Heist” Part 5 hits Netflix on December 3.

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