Here’s How Human Brains Were Once Used As Medicine

As if chowing down on gushy gray and white matter isn’t morbid enough, ancient holistic doctors had a particular affinity for brains belonging to people who died violently. One especially gruesome prescription initially published in the Art of Distillation by Physician John French and later reprinted in “Quackery: A Brief History of the Worst Ways to Cure Everything” called for brains, arteries, and veins of a man who died a violent death. These components were to be ground up into horse feces, distilled, and fed to the epileptic patient. The brain used would have to first be extracted from a suitable corpse following a volatile demise. After which, it would be dissected, mashed, and digested (via Mental Floss).

Based upon this description, it seems that medieval surgeons were just plain evil surgeons. Who would have thought that the road to modern medicine was paved in such a cryptic past of violence, grave robbing, skull collecting, and other unspeakable oddities?

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