Noomi Rapace Reveals How Her Past Helped Prepare Her For Lamb

Although she was born in Sweden, Noomi Rapace told the Houston Chronicle that she moved to Iceland with her mother and stepfather when she was just five years old, where she spent several years in circumstances very similar to that of Maria and Ingvar in “Lamb.”

“I grew up on a farm, and it was a poor farm, far from everything,” the actress recalled. “My best friends were my dog and my horse, my cat. So from a very early age, I would say that I developed this strong relationship to animals, and they were my family members.”

Of course, Rapace’s experiences on the farm were not exactly like those of the character she portrays in the film. “I mean, I didn’t deliver baby lambs, I didn’t drive a tractor, and I didn’t have a half-human, half-lamb child [laughs]. But in the sense of living in a place that is really remote and really closed off from the rest of the world, where there’s animals and you find yourself being in the minority — like you’re kind of living in the animal kingdom — that was how I grew up.”

Although she began acting at the age of seven and eventually moved back to Sweden when she was 15 to enroll in an acting school in Stockholm (via The Telegraph), something about her time on the farm in Iceland stayed with her, and was stirred when she was approached about getting involved with “Lamb.”

“It felt like it was something I’ve always wanted and hoped for,” Rapace explained. “The combination of the script, the complexity in Maria, and Valdimar’s visual universe just made this a dream project for me. It was almost like I didn’t have a choice. It was like the project and Maria just had already chosen me.”

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